Welcome to My Online Studio…
A space for fanciful musings on art, creativity, and living passionately.
“The art of art, the glory of expression, and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity” ~Walt Whitman

Art is a reflection of a person’s most inward being. I am on a continual search for a spiritual understanding of the world. I work with paper because I enjoy the tactile quality of manipulating various plant fibers. I am inspired by the world of nature, by the wisp of wind swaying in a Winter wind, or the small sprout searching for the sun’s nourishment in Spring.

I find artistic inspiration in world myths and religions, ranging from the great pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses to the Native American anthropomorphic deities. I feel that these cultures beautifully describe the relationship between humans, the earth, and the heavens. In each creation, I invoke a meditative quality, reflecting upon the world of myth and nature, suggesting a connection between all beings at their source.

May you walk these pages and share in my imagination.