Gata Hudons Quilt

Green Quilt by Gata Hudson

I love sharing information about other artisans and crafters. I hope you enjoy my new category of interviews with local creator and makers.

Today I am sharing information about my friend Gata Hudson. Gata has been a long time yoga student. I was most familiar with her beautiful yoga bags, as I personally own one! Gata works across many mediums and what I love about these multi-media makers is practically anything they touch becomes a work of art! I hope you enjoy learning about what inspires Gata.

Welcome Gata!

Do you have a name for your studio or creations?

I’ve come up with the name “GBD Hudson Creations”

What do you create?


I sew things in fabric – I love to make little zippered pouches.  I make a nice yoga mat bag.  I also make quilts and wall hangings.    I knit too and crochet.  Most recently I’ve been playing with beads and make bracelets.

When did you begin to quilt?


I’ve been doing the fabric piecing and bag making for about 6 years.  But I’ve always been sewing or making something.  I have grown children, beneficiaries of many a soft toy.  My husband is always well attired in the handmade denim shirts I custom sew for him.

Were your interested in handmaking/crafting as a child?


Yes.  When I was a girl I did lots of art work.  I learned sewing in Junior High School in a Home Economics course.  I learned to knit when I was a tween.  I taught myself how to crochet.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?


I get some inspiration from what came before.  Working in quilting I enjoy drawing on the antique quilts and traditional blocks.  I like to see the modern quilt movement taking off on this.  The fabrics themselves are often an inspiration as well.  I enjoy being challenged by a new technique I’ve yet to try.   So, the past informs my present to a great extent.

Do you feel like there is a section of your brain always tuned into making and creating?


Pretty much so, yes. 

What other interests inspire you?


Gardening in season, reading, doing yoga.

Do you prepare and plan each creation? Or do you work from  impulse?


Both.  Inspiration and direction can come suddenly or be long brewing. 


How often does it happen that you don’t like a direction or project that you started, and you find yourself starting over?  

In knitting this happens to me too frequently;  With the sewn creations I like to finish a planned project. I can then learn more about my preferences and how to express them.   There are many variables.

Who are some other artists/ makers in your field that you admire?


As I mentioned earlier, all the quilt makers of old.  I also admire the designers and makers of the fabrics that I use today.

What project are you especially proud of?


There are some really nice quilts I’ve made, and I love my zip bags!

What are you most excited about (future project, goal, etc…anything!)


I’ve been remembering all the soft toys I made so long ago.  I might try making some again in fabulous wild new fabrics.


How can people get in touch with you or learn more about you? (anything events coming up?)

I’m Gata Benton Hudson on Facebook.   and in real life.  I like to do a Crafts Fair Bazaar pre-Christmas – it benefits the Orchard School and Community Center in Acworth , NH.  The Fair is at the town hall in Walpole.  I’ve also been juried in the past several years, to the Newport (NH) Library Arts Center’s “Gallery of Gifts” each pre-holiday as well.

Quilt by Gata Hudson.
Gata Hudson Quilt