My home is situated on 5 acres of New Hampshire woodland. Coyotes, woodpeckers, owls, deer, fox, and fisher cats are regular sightings. I have spent nearly all of my 40 years surrounded by the New Hampshire woods, and these elements weave throughout my art work. Even the materials I use to make the art come from the natural world. I am frequently found clipping bits of dried grasses and flowers, or bringing home a interesting branch or bit of botanical debris.

When I am not immersed in the natural world, and am found sitting in my living room with my family, you will find me watching documentaries about the natural world. This is a constant fascination of mine. Recently, I watched a documentary on the homes of birds and other creatures. Nests were featured, and I was transfixed. The round shapes made of bits of dried grass, twigs, spider webs, and whatever else the birds might scavenge. The precious eggs sitting in the center. What exquisite works of art. I was inspired to draw on these images in my art making.

I had a few round pieces of handmade paper left over from Chakra images. I glued a few of these ovals together. I twined white cotton thread in a circle, imaging birds finding this and weaving it in with their small beaks. Then, I added some wild pond grasses in a circle on top of the white thread. I love using elements of gold, and circled gold thread on top of the grass. All was glued down. Being attracted to more gold imagery, I cut out circles from scrap paper and collaged this in the center of the “nests”. My next step is to paint the images. I am planning on white and neutral tones, maybe adding more gold to the “eggs”.  I am excited by this series, and hope to continue to build in this direction.